Employee Wellness Service

What is LifeLine’s Employee Wellness Service?

An EWS (Employee Wellness Service) is a confidential work based programme designed to assist in the identification and resolution of employee problems. These personal or work related problems include, but are not limited to: health; relationship, marital, family, depression, financial, alcohol, drug, emotional, stress, or other personal or work related concerns which may adversely affect your quality of life and job performance.

An EWS involves support and counselling that aims to help you make sense of your crisis, helps you to understand your feelings and reactions that will ultimately empower you to make clear and practical decisions and changes in your life

We Offer Telephone counselling, Trauma debriefing and face to face counselling sessions. For more information email our EWS co-ordinator on ews@lifelinejhb.org.za or call 011 728 1331.


Please Click on the link to download our EWS Brochure:
LifeLine Employee Wellbeing services Brochure


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