Our clients include

Feedback from our happy clients

  • “I learnt so much about myself and others. Have a different and more positive outlook on life. I now leave the course knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity”

  • “I trust my voice and I am less doubtful. My confidence levels have improved and my finances are at a level where I am comfortable”

  • “The most valuable skill I gained was learning to listen before speaking, empathizing and paraphrasing as well as learning to think before always giving advice”

  • “I really enjoyed the conflict management module, I discovered what my default style is when it comes to conflict and what my partners default style is. How to get out of my default style and become assertive to resolve conflict”

  • “I found the exercises to be extremely relevant to my personal and work life, it assisted me in stepping into leadership and will assist with my transition”

  • “It helped me to effectively listen an communicate back to others in a conflict situation”

  • “I learnt to use “I” not “one”- being present when talking about myself. Learning to be more assertive”

  • “Both Facilitators engaged with each of us and allowed us to build trusting relationships and open up in the training to really get the full benefit”

  • “A valuable skill was the tool I learnt to explain how you feel with assertiveness, awareness of own default conflict patterns and to hear or get to learn that everyone is going through similar fears- you are not alone”

  • “I believe the course was amazingly tailored, nothing should be changed”

  • “I am the demon behind my own stress- only I can change that’

  • “All 3 days fitted into the course perfectly, Perfect content”

  • “I love the skills learnt on how to use my words more assertively”

  • “I’m amazed that I can now understand my own fears and the risks that come with them (fear + stress)”

  • “Great Facilitators who showed care in each person’s growth”

  • “There was a great balance of theory, fun, emotion, sharing and personal stories”

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