Boosting staff morale in the workplace

“Happy employees are 12% more productive at work,” research states.

It should be every company’s goal to ensure their personnel are happy and feel motivated at all times. Often, reaching daily and monthly targets are the most important discussion at work which overshadows their happiness.

When your employees aren’t motivated, it can lead to low productivity which may hinder your business from reaching its goals. If you want to boost your staff morale, here are 4 ways you can do so:

Celebrate accomplishments

When your employees perform well, let them know how much you appreciate it. A simple “pat on the back” or an office email that gets circulated to the rest of the team are ways you can make them feel appreciated for their hard work.

Be careful of pushing the team to work hard and to reflect back on how far the team has come.

Be flexible

Many employees don’t perform well if they are regularly micromanaged and most of them would prefer the freedom to make certain choices in projects they are working on which they feel would help.

Try to give employees leeway to make their own decisions in their work which as this also builds trust between the manager and employee. Allowing them to have a flexible working system may even heed better output results.

Encourage feedback

Employees want to feel like they are being heard for whatever concerns and ideas they bring to the table.

Encourage staff to share any ideas they feel would help the company or even their dissatisfaction. Ensure there is an open door policy between employees and upper management to always talk about whatever pressing concerns they may have.

This could end up being profitable for your business.

Many staff often feel that their opinions do not matter and essentially they became passive aggressive in the workplace as they assume management does not care about their employees.

Do you want to learn more about employees’ thoughts and opinions around certain topics in your company that is facilitated in a safe space?

Why not hold a conversations café whereby employees are encouraged to speak openly on topics that affect the company, this can be small things such as dress code, language, use of cell phones to more serious issues such as sexual harassment and warning all through a trained facilitator.

Results are shared back to top management in a confidential manner and no personal information is shared. Want to know more? Contact us on how this quick and easy training can be executed in your company

Host a team building session

As much as working hard and meeting monthly targets are essential in a business, don’t forget that your employees need to have a space where they can relax too.

An article by 6Q states that team building events create time for the management and employees to socialize and figure out some of the essential means of improving company output.

Set aside a budget for a day every month to get pizzas for the office and play a few board games or simply get to know each other better. Your staff will appreciate you putting in the effort to ensure they unwind for a bit and get away from their desks to refresh their minds.

Did you know that LifeLine offers a different type of team building that is facilitated towards team effectiveness? Team Effectiveness usually depends on the items in the diagram below being successfully implemented.

The items in blue are addressed by management and HR, our Interventions are aimed at addressing the areas in green to help bond the team and develop a collaborative approach to service delivery.

Our team effectiveness training is aimed at offering employees an opportunity to engage with each other in a safe space, to improve their communication skills, self-awareness and conflict management styles and to build deeper understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities and the importance of personal contribution to the team. Training will be in the form of experiential exercises, balanced with small and large group discussions. Informality and fun will also prevail. Want to know more on Team building interventions? Contact us for more info

Management Training

Soft skills training courses have proven to boost mangers work ethic in effectively dealing with a diverse range of staff issues whilst being able to lead a successful team.

This helps in getting to know individual staff members deal with their personal problems which often disrupt the rest of the team. Contact Lifeline Corporate Training to find out more about how we can help bring your team together.

With these simple steps, your office will be happier, livelier and may even boost productivity.


Written by Labeeqah Rawood
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