Coaching & Mentoring

Why LifeLine Coaching and Mentoring post training is so important

LifeLine can provide post training individual coaching and mentoring to participants to entrench learning.

Participant feedback from previous corporate trainings have indicated while it is an excellent course for behavioural change, it is often pressurised as there is a lot of new knowledge and behavioural change to assimilate within a limited time space (Companies cannot take employees away from their workforce too long), therefore there is too short a time frame to allow for behavioural changes required and the assimilation of skills into their new style of engagement with others.  Time is also required to evaluate the programme and assess their progress towards meeting their goals. Thus a “check-in” with the participants is highly recommended as a way forward as well as to also see what’s working, what they can improve on and what challenges they have faced.

LifeLine Corporate has had many years of training experience and we have noted that where we have had the opportunity to conduct these post training interventions, participants have demonstrated greater success in skills adoption/behavioural change. I.e. where there is additional support and monitoring of progress towards these goals in coaching as well as the reinforcement and opportunity to revise programme learnings after a period of time has lapsed post training, there is better long term assimilation of skills.

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