On average in South Africa 15 – 30% of staff in a company could be absent on any given day,” An article by Health 24 states, A likely reason for missing out on work is because they are “sick.”

If your office is a stressful working environment, your employees may take a day off just to escape the office for a day. And blaming this on being sick is a common excuse.

As much as you can’t always tell your employees that they can’t get a day’s leave, you can try to minimise any kind of spike in leave days – or worse, have them feeling unmotivated at work.

Give them credit

When they have performed well in a task, celebrate their accomplishments and show gratitude. A simple email to the rest of the team or a pat on the back is sufficient. Once they feel appreciated, they will be much happier at work and may even feel encouraged to perform better. A little bit of recognition can go a long way in building their self-esteem and boosting productivity.

Get involved in the community

Getting out of the office to do something “good” is never a bad thing. Does your company offer CSI? Go out as a team and offer free consulting to SMEs in smaller organisations in need or donate items your employees no longer need. Getting your team out of the office on an occasional basis can help them feel motivated – according to American Express, even in a great workspace, emotions can fall when the physical environment stays the same.

Give them a platform to speak up

Encourage your employees to speak to you if they are feeling stressed or unhappy at work. If you are particularly working at a call centre, sometimes all your staff wants to do is vent to someone about a bad customer they have had to deal with. Consider individual “catch-up” meetings where staff members can share their problems and concerns with you. Sometimes, venting to someone first is exactly what should happen in order for them to feel better and continue working. Find out more on how to deal with complaints in the workplace.


Have some fun

In the midst of hard work, do not cut ‘fun’ completely out of the equation. Adding team building sessions to your agenda on a Friday is a great way to help employees unwind. If you work at an office where your employees are seated in front of a computer for most of the day, why not get a massage therapist, if your budget allows, coming in for the day and giving your employees a quick back massage? Getting a dance instructor to come in one day to teach your staff members a dancing lesson is also something to consider. Have you considered a cooking class to get in the mood for something fun and upbeat?

On a more serious note, if staff members are not communicating, how about a constructive team intervention to address issues and start from scratch?

Boosting staff morale is important to keep the momentum going and the creative juices flowing at work. A great way to assist with this is to have soft skills training  at your workplace. Soft skills training with Lifeline Corporate will allow employees to communicate effectively with their co-workers and employers and also helps them to develop leadership skills to improve teamwork.

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