Many managers often have their hands full. And dealing with issues in the workplace is one of the things that often take full priority.

Whether the complaints are minor, like why there isn’t a specific type of milk at the office or something more serious like an employee refusing to work with their supervisor, all problems must be handled in a professional manner.

Here are a few tips to consider the next time you are presented with a complaint:

Listen attentively

Your opinion about how important the problem is doesn’t matter. Set any personal feelings you have aside and listen to understand and not answer.

The employee is, at this point, going through a difficult time and they’d want to feel like they are being heard. Try not to interrupt them while they speak, instead, write down any questions you may have and ask them about it later.

Ask questions

The more questions you ask, the more you’ll have a clearer understanding of the facts. If they steer the conversation by speaking “generally” be sure to ask them more specific facts.

Present the facts to them by rephrasing what they’ve said so you can better understand the situation and they can feel at ease while talking to you, knowing that you are interested in what they have to say.

Take notes

It’s not advisable to rely on hearsay or your memory when dealing with something as important as this. Jot down notes as they speak – this shows that you are taking the matter seriously.

Taking notes will also help you not to leave out any critical information.

Ask them about the outcome

Asking them what they would like to be done is important as it will also help you discern whether the complaint is legit and if the employee has a hidden agenda.

If they want the person to be fired over what you may think is a minor issue, then it would be feasible to question the validity of the facts.

Remember, there are two sides to a story so let them know that you will investigate the matter with the other employee based on the facts they’ve presented to you.

Let them know you will take care of it

Give them the assurance that they’ve been heard and the matter will be investigated and dealt with accordingly. You do not have to make additional comments other than “thank you for coming forward – I will look into the matter.

” Keep in mind that you will be accountable –check up on the employee after a few weeks to see if the issue was resolved and they are happy with the outcome.

Consider a training course

Enrolling staff members in a corporate soft skills training  course will reap many benefits for your company and will help your employees get along with each other much more effectively.

A soft skills training course are effective as they assist staff members in developing their interpersonal skills, hone anger management skills and even teach them how to deal with difficult clients.

Have a look at corporate training companies in Johannesburg and enroll for a course more tailored to your company’s needs.

Dealing with complaints is not an easy task; however, by making sure you understand the problem fully and resolve it in an unbiased manner, you will be able to effectively solve interpersonal problems in your workplace.

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