We often hear the importance of communication and how imperative it is to communicate to our families, friends, colleagues, clients/customers and team leaders. The question is, Why is it so important to communicate and why do people still fall into the trap of not informing others of what’s going on

Here’s a typical example:

A client hears of a new hair salon that has recently opened and eager to try them out. She calls in and books her appointment with a hairdresser at 09h00. On the day, the client arrives and informs the receptionist she is here and to notify the stylist, she tells the client to take a seat and the hair dresser will be with her shortly. The client sits and waits till eventually its 09h30. No one has come to inform her of what’s going on or where the hair dresser is. The client tries to find out what the delay is and gets notified that the hairdresser is stuck in traffic but she’s on her way. The client starts getting agitated but tries not to get upset. She goes outside to get some air, reads a magazine and waits. It’s now 09h50 and the hairdresser is still not there. The client eventually becomes furious and demands to know what’s going on and where the hairdresser is. She feels disrespected by the lack of communication from both the receptionist and the hairdresser. Eventually she complains to the manager and she gets allocated to another hairstylist. However this leaves a sour taste to the client and she vows not to return back and to inform her friends not to go there.

What do you think went wrong here?

In any business no matter how big or small, soft skills are more vital than ever. We often spend so much time focusing on the technical skills of our job description that we forget we are dealing with humans who have emotions and with this it becomes our responsibility as to how we manage these emotions and expectations from the client.

From the example above let’s look at the different roles that were portrayed:

  • The client felt excited to try out this new salon but this soon faded and she started feeling stressed, irritated and disrespected.
  • The receptionist  internalized these feelings from the client and echoed the same feelings of stressed and helplessness at not being able to contain a difficult and angry client. She also doesn’t handle conflict well and her coping mechanism is usually to avoid the situation which is what she did when she avoided the client
  • The hairdresser is a newly qualified hairstylist, she recently received an award for best styling. Unfortunately she has terrible time management skills and often leaves things until the last minute. She has received complaints before from her lecturers of standing her clients up and not arriving on time. She also assumed the receptionist would cover for her when she was late and failed to communicate that she was running late. When she had arrived, she become much stressed and this affecting how she engaged with the client, she also resulted in panic to the client.
  • The manager is left to pick up the pieces and hopes that this incident won’t damage the company brand and what they stand for.

All of the emotions and frustrations could have been avoided if effective communication skills had taken place right from the beginning to avoid any further conflict and tension. Don’t let this happen to your company, take the necessary actions to up skill your employees on these essential and vital skills that will set your company apart from its competitors.

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