The world feels like its at standstill and everyone feels like they are on edge. Some employees have lost their jobs whilst others are essentially worried about their job security and what the future holds. For those who are essential workers, stress levels are through the roof in terms of their own health safety, as well as a possibility of burnout towards managing everyone else’s needs.

While the world has gone mad, there seems to be one factor that may be overlooked, amidst all the anxiety: Is learning more essential than before?

We find ourselves working from home, trying to juggle between time for our families as well as our normal “working hours” to get tasks done and meeting deadlines.

For managers and leaders, you may find the following points have applied to you:

  • You are more reliant on your team to keep the business and its sustainability afloat.
  • You may find that there is an increased need to listen to your employees and hear their needs
  • You may even notice putting yourself in their shoes and understanding your employee’s circumstances and their world
  • You may find that there is an increased level of uncertainty, unreasonable expectations from our managers or additional/unusual job tasks that we now have to deal with
  • Demotivation and low morale in employees
  • Overcoming anxiety around technology,
  • Increased stress levels in ourselves and amongst others
  • How to manage a team and lack of interpersonal communication on communicating through electronic platforms.

During this time, whilst some companies and Organisations are unfortunately sinking into the ground and some having to fail, other companies are becoming innovative and creative in how they could continue to offer their products and services to their clients. In this way, these companies are overcoming challenges and turning this into a learning opportunity and essentially breaking through the resistance of implementing additional technology into their business.

Time and time again, results have shown that employees feel motivated and equipped to do their jobs are more likely to be committed to support their company goals and objectives.

An enhancement and refreshment of skills is essential for not only keeping their current skills present but also an opportunity to identify gaps in learning and how this can be implemented to learn new skills and become adaptable. By sending employees for training, they would feel enabled to prepare themselves for challenges and growth for the future.

So how do I know if my employees need training:

  • Has your company implemented further technology and are your employees struggling to manage and adapt to these enhancements in the business?
  • Has there been a change in the organisation that requires training for employees to keep up with its business goals?
  • Have you noticed a low employee motivation or morale?
  • Has there been a poor performance in employees and boosting their interpersonal and conflict skill?
  • Are you struggling to motivate employees and your team?

There may be a number of other reasons to send your employees and in this case a training needs analysis is essential to ensure that there is return on Investment and a change in employees’ behavior.

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