Millennial’s are people born roughly between 1981 and 2000 which puts them somewhere between finishing high school and stepping into management positions.

This group of people was named ‘millennia ls’ as people realized they would be the first graduating class of 2000 – This is a group that is associated with Instant gratification, immense technological survey and very little commitment to company loyalty unless they meet the right level of growth and  support within a company. This is a generation that considers themselves born leaders, e.g. “24 year old graduate looking for a PART TIME C.E.O vacancy”

This is a generation that has low tolerance for entry level tasks as they base a lot of their retained knowledge  as 1. Mentorship and 2. Feedback. This is the generation that looks at a company to offer Corporate soft skills as part of their retention plan in the workplace. This brings issues in contrast  to the older generations that believe starting at the bottom and doing the “donkey work” is part and parcel of getting to grips with the job.

On the Other Side, there has never been a generation that is so Influential and transparent in all the generations as millennials.  They are 1. Tech Savvy   2.collaborative   3. Innovative   4.connected  5. Resourceful and 6. Inclusive of Diversity


According to Stellenbosch Business School, a study found that millennials currently make up 45% of the compared with 29% generation X and 21% of baby boomers.  With this numbers in mind, it is high time organisations find a way to retain these talented professionals by being more intentional in managing their own expectation and that of the millennials

How to retain and improve learning techniques of the Millennials

Technology. While millennial learners prefer working in groups, when it comes to learning they prefer self-direction and learning for themselves. So provide them with online resources that they can pursue on their own at a time that works for them whilst enhancing knowledge both to the company and individual. Unfortunately, they seem to have lost the ability to interact with their colleagues and team leaders. This is the generation where you find them hiding behind their cell phones and laptop screens instead of communicating face to face. LifeLine corporate offers an effective and practical work ready training

Collaboration. Millennials feel highly connected to their peers and therefore have a preference for working and collaborating in groups. In fact, on average, millennial employees prefer working in a group versus working alone. Create opportunities for group training where employees can discuss the learning material and learn from each other. Research from Stellenbosch Business school suggests that millennials learn best from hands-on experiences/ experiential adult learning. Recreate real-world scenarios in your group learning sessions with role-plays or case studies that closely model the actual challenges they face on-the-job.

Mentorship. The base for bouncing off what worked and doesn’t work for both professional and personal learnings, learners want one-on-one mentorship from their manager or workplace learning professional. They want authentic, personalized evaluations based on their job performance so that they can achieve their specific learning and development goals. They are not ashamed to ask for help and guidance in the spirit of improving their skills. Did you know that LifeLine corporate offers mentoring as part of our training and this can be proven to assist greatly in your organisation?

Feedback. These highly motivated and multi-driven group are used to instant gratification in terms of feedback (think: likes, retweets, etc.) Given their affinity for technology. Millennial learners are motivated by both positive and critical feedback, so be sure to provide positive reinforcement as well as advice on how to improve. LifeLine Corporate can provide training for managers on how to give feedback to these new graduates and be able to handle difficult discussions as smoothly as possible.

Bottom Line is “If you don’t mentor your millennials they will leave you”


Self-Mastery for Millennials

With over 26 years’ experience in this field and having trained some of South Africa’s top corporates industries, LifeLine has created affordable and customised learning opportunities which are tailored according to your needs and budget. Our training will help shift your millennials graduates to make meaningful contributions in the workplace

For more information contact LifeLine Corporate Training on (011) 728-1331 or send us an email on to receive a tailored quote on millennial training.



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