Online Training

Covid-19 has changed the way we operate where historically our trainings were held through a face to face setting. LifeLine Corporate understands the importance of skills development and quality training to upskill employees. Therefore, we have moved our training onto a digital platform in order to ensure that your professional development and skills does not get interrupted.

Our online training methodology is backed through years of research using the principles of Carl Rogers Person Centered approach, Steven Covey, Eric Berne’s Transactional Anaylsis and David Johnson. By incorporating these skills in our training workshops and using adult learning principles, our facilitators are able to encourage interactive participation and creating a safe environment for delegates to express themselves and learn through group engagement and feedback.

The general outcomes of our online workshops result in participants walking away way with a better understanding of themselves and an increased personal growth.  By understanding their own behaviors, they are able to reflect and internalize on their own reactions towards conflict, manage their stressors, build resiliency skills and empower themselves to do better in their work based on what they can and cannot control.

Overview of our Blended Learning Approach

Our Online training solutions:

Currently, LifeLine Corporate offers four types of learning solutions.

The cost of these programmes are dependent on the number of employees and learning outcomes

  • Blended learning courses

Delegates who attend this course will be exposed to a combination of offline videos/readings and questionnaires as well as live training. There are usually at least two live sessions that are held weekly apart to allow entrenchment and reflection of skills. For maximum results, 1:1 coaching to be held with each participant before the start of their next session in order to help blend the skills together.

  • Blended Customized learning

As with our face to face training, we believe in hearing our clients needs, their outcomes towards training and allowing them to tell us the story in order for us to customize a training solution that fits in with their budget and requirements. We don’t believe in one training package being the answer to every companies learning journey and thus we are very open to hearing the need and designing a programme that matches these requirements.

  • Short learning courses

These are short pre-packaged programmes that are used to help build on existing skills or provide an introduction to a topic. These courses are usually 2-3 hours depending on topic

  • Webinars

These are short discussions lasting between 1-2 hour on a topic of choice. The rates are dependent on subject and speaker.

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