Managing Stress and Setting Boundaries

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, facing complex challenges that fill us with anxiety with little to abate our concerns.  From attending never ending online meetings and phone calls to email overload, balancing our home and work lives (which are now enmeshed), it has become difficult to feel contained, engaged and as productive as we felt previously. In addition, it is difficult to maintain meaningful connections with colleagues which was previously a buffer to some of these stressors.

This interactive, online workshop being offered, will help to address these stressors and will be facilitated to ensure a safe environment where everyone has an opportunity to share and address some of their concerns

At the end of this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:


  • Identifying your main stressors.
  • Unpacking the main stressors, and understanding of why these are stressors by recognising the fear associated with the stressor (if any.)
  • Identifying actions to minimize stress levels.
  • How to set boundaries and manage their work from home life in the most ideal way possible

Rank, Power and Privilege

The current global and domestic landscape is such that concerns around issues related to diversity, fairness and equity are front of mind. While Race and Gender discrimination might be standout issues historically and currently, they remain part of a broader discussion around privilege, and exploring this within the context of the workplace, means unpacking these issues more holistically. 

Exploring concepts of Rank, Power and Privilege allows everyone to examine their rank and privilege relative to others, understanding the consequences of lack of Rank for some and corresponding power and responsibility for those with more Rank.  This programme offers an understanding of these concepts and how they relate to Inclusivity and Fairness in the workplace as well as their relationship to principles of Equity and Dignity enshrined in our Constitution in South Africa. It provides a responsible and informed platform for employees to begin a dialogue on these topics in a way in which everyone is a player and an agent of change. 

 In addition, the programme offers an opportunity for employees to develop their personal awareness in this area and to explore ways in which they can address inequities in their personal and professional contexts.  


  • Participants will be able to describe the different concepts of rank, power and privilege by unpacking these issues more holistically
  • Participants will have an opportunity to interpret these concepts and how they relate to Inclusivity and Fairness in the workplace
  • Participants will be able to examine their personal awareness in this area and to explore ways in which they can address inequities in their personal and professional contexts. 


Change Management- Navigating through Change

Broken up into 2 separate programmes (Audience dependent)

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most significant disruptive events witnessed by this generation. From mainstreaming remote working and cutting global travel, to a comprehensive digital shift, the outbreak has changed the way business is executed and seems unlikely to revert to previous ways of operating. This has compounded an already rapid pace of change brought by digital transformation, globalisation, and political factors. 

Organisations and their employees must adapt not only to the changes but to the concept of perpetual change becoming the only constant. Agility and resilience are now essential for personal and organisational effectiveness. 

 The two programmes below aim to acknowledge this reality and to build and enhance resilience for a more sustainable approach to change;

  • The first programme is aimed at employees at any level in the organisation in their individual capacity
  • The second programme is aimed at empowering Managers / Team Leaders

Programme 1:  Strengthening personal resilience to navigate constant change

Tailored for employees

This programme is aimed at helping employees learn to adapt their purpose with new initiatives. It is important to assist them to navigate high levels of uncertainty and change and ensure that their efforts are aligned with the highest-value activities. Delegates will walk away from this programme with a deeper level of self-awareness on their responses to change, identified current drivers of their resilience and begun to adopt new behaviours to strengthen areas of resilience deficit.


  • Participants will be able to explain change management within the contexts of organisations and their personal lives
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and insight into the current environment of constant change
  • Participants will be able to recognize their own responses to change through increased self-awareness understanding where their resistance comes from

Programme 2:   Leading through Change

Tailored for managers

Managers are currently faced with a tsunami of change and are expected to navigate this, whilst executing the organisational strategy and keep their teams afloat. 

Managers are the first example that employees look to when they need to adopt a change or understand how a change affects them personally.  This online programme is designed to help managers lead teams through change.


  • Managers will be able to review their own behaviors and the impact this has on their teams and jobs during specific projects
  • Managers will learn the importance of appropriate and frequent communication to support employees during change especially in remote working environments
  • Managers will learn how to address resistance to change

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be able to manage one’s own emotions in the workplace. This can be due to conflicting situations arising at work, a difficult employee or manager and our emotions towards managing change. It is essential that employees work positively together to ensure all their work is completed within due time.

During a pandemic, employees may battle even more to conduct themselves professionally due to stresses beyond our control. This may be in the way we communicate with each other and being unaware of the tone or underlying body language. As a result of built up stress and frustration, it may result in resentment with other team members, complaining and bickering as well as a lack of understanding and empathy in hearing the needs of their fellow colleagues and an overall negative working environment. 

The main objective for this course is to create a foundation of skills that allows these employees to improve on their communication skills, increase their emotional intelligence through their engagement with others and be able to manage difficult and emotional clients/co-works during conflicting times. 


  • Growth in general self-awareness and awareness of how my personal impact has on others in the work place. The result is reaching the best outcome possible in terms of team outputs and personal responsibility dynamics. The importance of ATTITUDE in my role and how this affects my BEHAVIOUR
  • To actively listen and improve on my interpersonal communication skills as well as improved engagement over the phone when liaising with different clients
  • Improved self-awareness on how to handle difficult and emotional clients without taking it personal and responding passive aggressively, submissive or aggressive.

Retrenchment Counselling/ Trauma Support for employees

The requirement for employee wellness is increasingly growing with stressful home lives and work environments being seen to have an impact on employee performance. Effective employee wellness programmes increase productivity, staff satisfaction, communication in the workplace and decrease absenteeism.

The course will enable managers and team leaders to act as internal support staff towards their colleagues in need of containment and support before they are referred to an EAP provider.

The main goal of this training is to equip wellness professionals with the basic skills to contain, support and demonstrate empathy to clients who may have experienced traumatic and/or difficult emotional incidents in their lives. This course will teach participants who embark on this workshop the appropriate responding tools, and how to reflect and paraphrase a client/employee who experiencing a personal related trauma in their lives. 


To teach listening, communication, support and basic counselling skills by:

  • Identifying and improving listening skills
  • Teaching appropriate responding and containing skills
  • Looking at issues of empathy, respect, non-judge mentalism and congruence
  • Identify employee in crises
  • Discussing appropriate approaches to referring to the EAP

Customer Service Support

During a pandemic, it is normal for employees to feel demotivated and burnt out due to excess stress that may be caused by additional work load by retrenchment of other staff members. It is crucial that employees feel supported, uplifted and motivated during challenging times.

This workshop is tailored to assist in boosting staff morale, energise and engage with fellow staff members on how to support each other. It will help to motivate employees in achieving proactive results. Its centered around the importance of customer service and how to treat every client in a professional manner. It will highlight the importance of communication and taking ownership and accountability.

This course is perfectly suited for front desk staff, sales staff, helpdesk staff, drivers, supervisors and managers.


  • Participants will walk away feeling supported by their fellow peers
  • Participants will be provided with a safe space to air their frustrations in a facilitated manner
  • Participants will be able to recognise their behaviour styles and the ripple effect this is causing.
  • Participants will have had opportunities to get to know each other better, reducing judgements and assumptions about each other and allowed for personal connections to be formed that will encourage communication (socially and professionally).

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