Our Approach

Our unique experiential and participative approach ensures application of theory, personal “buy-in” and commitment to learning and is based on over 50 years of experience in delivering transformational training.  Our approach is based on sound adult education principles, which focuses on the inherent strengths and competencies of the individual. Our tried and tested experiential facilitation process creates a safe, informal and relaxed atmosphere, thus encouraging skills practice and feedback so that the learning has relevance and significance. Self-awareness exercises and input are carefully tailored to match the specific needs of those participating. A by-product of the experiential nature of our training is that it facilitates an opportunity for team cohesiveness i.e. acts as a form of team building.

The structure of training at LifeLine Corporate tends to focus on behavioural learning techniques. This form of training is conducted with smaller groups, allowing for greater discussion and evaluation of models to embed real understanding as opposed to classroom rigid based learning. As our society becomes ever more interconnected, successful companies will be those who understand how to leverage and understand cultural differences instead of seeing them as obstacles. The need for skills such as Communication, Teamwork and Listening is not going anywhere in the near future. And in fact is more in demand.

Our training is unique in that it relies heavily on group feedback and participation from others. Therefore, it’s not about the content or the exercises but the methodology and facilitation skills which brings all the learning aspects together to create a meaningful change in the delegate

Our experiential training is conducted in the following ways:

  • Role play scenarios
  • Real life case studies
  • small and big group discussions
  • Skits to entrench learnings
  • Presentations and theoretical input
  • worksheets and exercises

All exercises are debriefed at the end for participants to maximize and achieve learnings. Our training’s form as building blocks with strengthen outcomes and learnings

In order to maximize “classroom” time, we work with group numbers:

  • Minimum 6 – 9 participants (1 facilitator)
  • Maximum of 10- 16 participants (2 facilitators)
  • Classroom time is reserved for experiential and practical exercises. Theory is provided in a manual for participants to read at own pace.

Why LifeLine Johannesburg?

Premium corporate soft skills training at competitive prices

Training which involves behavioural change is not something that can be gleaned from reading a text book or an e-learning programme. It requires experiential learning exercises and the opportunity to practice this takes time, so it is the length of the training rather than the per day cost that decision makers might struggle to approve. Over the years, it’s been noted that there is an underlying need and urgency for soft skills training, however not many companies seem to utilise and invest in these training options for the staff members upon employment or at a stage where training is urgently needed due to company budget difficulties not being implemented in the beginning of financial planning. Our programmes are delivered by extremely experienced LifeLine trained facilitators to ensure our methodology is consistent across trainings.


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