Retrenchment Support Services

Retrenchment is an unfortunate by-product of both the current local economic climate as well as the gig economy which is changing the workplace rapidly globally, making some skills obsolete and requiring a greater focus on agility and efficiency.  Human resources and management  have the unenviable task of having to retrench staff who have often been loyal and productive contributors and are at a loss as to how  to mitigate to effects of this retrenchment on all concerned. In addition employee engagement becomes more challenging as surviving employees are often demotivated and less committed post retrenchment phase.

What can LifeLine Johannesburg offer to assist:

  • Retrenchment counselling/coaching  (1-4 sessions) per person being retrenched. These sessions are aimed are aimed at containing strong emotion, as well as mobilising them to make a plan for their futures beyond the organisation.
  • Retrenchment coaching (1-4) sessions aimed at Human Resources and managers to support them as they go about delivering the retrenchments decisions.
  • Resilience workshops -(half day or full day) workshops aimed at all the employees that survive the retrenchment phases to ensure they are debriefed and re-engaged to move the organisation forward and to foster honest conversations about their careers moving forward and how to adopt a greater internal locus of control in managing their careers.
  • Team Building and motivational training sessions – encouraging new ways of engaging with colleagues with direct but empathic communication.

We can tailor a retrenchment support package that meets the specific needs of your organisation and the staff involved, in order to offer an ethical and supportive approach to managing an unfortunate situation.

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