Advanced Self-Awareness

The advanced self-awareness training will look at areas of personal growth and insight into one’s self. Here the training will explore attitudes to the self and explore how participants interact with the world around them. The training will focus on sharing and explorations into values, internal and external frame of reference and interpretations of the world and experiences. Issues of trust, fears, empathy and self-awareness will be explored. Theory will be drawn from different experts in the field of psychology to enhance learnings and understanding.


• Offering opportunities for self awareness and growth
• Identifying and improving listening skills and communication skills
• Developing an awareness of personal interactive styles
• Honing effective interpersonal communication
• Understanding spoken and unspoken meanings
• Developing an awareness of empathy and its importance in communication
• Offering an opportunity for practicing skills learned
• Creating opportunities for participants to connect with each other
• Encouraging a relaxed atmosphere to ensure optimum learning

This course can be used as a blend with other modules to improve on ones Emotional Intelligence. This course was adapted from our original and popular “Personal Growth And Basic counselling Skills” course which is held on a yearly basis at our LifeLine Centre.For more information, Please visit our website on

The course being offered is aimed at individuals in the workplace with case scenarios in the workforce and aimed at being slicker rather than overly personal or therapeutic. The course also forms as the basis of any soft skills learning course and any module will incorporate some aspects of personal self-awareness. In order to work with others, we need to know ourselves, what makes us tick, why we react the way we do, why we are more prone to certain behaviors and a whole lot more. Its a deeper understanding of ourselves especially for use in the workplace.

What our clients say

  • “The most worthwhile experience of my life”
  • “I wish everyone could attend this course”
  • “Very challenging, positive and eye opening”
  • “I have never experienced such trust, warmth, support or growth”
  • “I really valued opening up about my past and trusting other people”
  • “It was so relevant because we were discussing real issues and everyday life crises”
  • “I have learned alot through this training and I plan to take what I learned back to my group”


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