Anger Management Training

The anger management training offered hones effective interpersonal communication at all levels and with diverse individuals; develops assertiveness, and teaches conflict management techniques (if time permits). Self-awareness and understanding of personal interactive styles are also stressed. Group bonding and support is an outcome of this training


• To hone anger management skills
• To enhance effective interpersonal skills of participants
• To enhance assertiveness enhance conflict management skills


• Mastery of anger management skills
• Development of self awareness and understanding of personal styles
• Offering opportunities for the development of assertiveness
• Managing conflict effectively (if time permits)
• Group bonding and effective interaction
• Transfer of knowledge into the workplace
• Greater confidence to continue building effective interpersonal relationships


By the end of this training programme learners will be able to:
• Listen and respond effectively
• Understand and respond to underlying messages
• Communicate effectively and form a bond with the speaker
• Understand their own personal style of communicating and the effect of this
• Understand differences between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour and their effects
• Manage conflict situations constructively
• Have more insight into their own interactive style and its effect
• Offer and gain support through the bonding and trust established between group members
• Continue the growth, awareness and skills developed throughout the training

This Training is aimed at anyone who wishes to manage their anger in a more positive and effective way in the workplace.

It is highly advised that the anger management course be taken in conjunction with the stress management workshop.


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