Assertiveness and Conflict Management

For most people,  conflict in the work place or home leaves them feeling frustrated, unheard, and demotivated and results in lose-lose outcomes, loss of productivity and staff turnover.  This programme highlights ineffectual  styles of communication, builds effective listening and responding skills, teaches an effective model of conflict management  and build awareness of the “big picture” in conflict management.

-To teach a proactive approach to interpersonal relationship management
-To understand styles of conflict responses and the efficacies of each, understanding how passive aggressive responses in particular are destructive to both parties                            -To enhance personal styles of communication, and to highlight the importance of developing an assertive approach to reduce and manage conflict                                                      -To provide effective models of conflict management that can be applied personally and professionally

Who should attend this course?

If you are looking for win-win solutions for your teams or for own self development, then this is the training for you. You will become a master of interpersonal communication skills, develop insight into your current conflict management style and learn to develop an  assertive communication style to manage conflict situations.  Through the examination of assertiveness issues – contrasted with aggression and submission and passive aggressive responses,  you will be able to transfer the knowledge into the workplace and at home making you a more efficient employee, better manager and create stronger interpersonal relationships.


By the end of this training programme you will

  • Listen more effectively
  • Identify personal blocks to listening
  • Convey the message heard accurately (factual and emotional content)
  • Understand differences between assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour and their effects
  • Practice  assertive behaviour
  • Work with the conflict management model
  • Manage conflict situations constructively
  • Have more insight into your own interactive style and its effect
  • Experience group bonding and support

What our clients say

  • “I learnt how to be more effective, not to be  judgemental, to be respectful, to maintain confidentiality and to be brave”
  • “I have learnt a lot and I’m going to share it with my family and community. I’m grateful for the opportunity”
  • “They were valuable because you get to hear challenging experiences of other people and to not judge them but to see things from their point of view”
  • “This course was valuable in its practical application – I really understand what is required of me to be more assertive”


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