Customer Service Training

This course offers participants a unique opportunity to improve their understanding of Customer centricity and understanding real client needs.  Customer service requires hearing client needs and responding appropriately and with a sense of urgency.

Participants need to learn valuable interpersonal skills and learn to build meaningful connections with others through growing personal awareness. Assertive communication is grown, leading to skill development, potential behaviour modification and attitude shift.  Participants internalise customer service as way of being rather than a ‘put on’ skill.


At the end of the 2-3 day training programme learners will have:

  • Understood the importance of customer service and customer retention in a world of “me too” competitors
  • Identified and improved active listening skills
  • Developed an awareness of personal interactive styles and how to enhance their own style with customers.
  • Analysed and practiced an assertive communication style in response to challenging clients demands
  • Offered and received interpersonal feedback


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