Dealing with Difficult Clients

240_F_98004321_KxdkuvTFFeOnHBqC2g8PXKnLsegw9l1JMany of us encounter frustrated, angry and emotional clients, which sometimes escalating to conflict making interaction difficult and leads to loss of business.  This may leave employees feeling disempowered, frustrated, and stressed.  In order to deal with these difficult clients, we require the skills to respond non-defensively, professionally and empathetically to the underlying messages being conveyed by the client on a case by case basis. Thus potentially unmanageable situations can be diffused and a relationship formed with the client.

Outcomes of this train

-To hone listening and communication skills, and create awareness of personal reactions to difficult clients                                                                                                                      -To build effective non defensive responding and containing skills and offers opportunity for practice of skills learnt                                                                                                          -To highlight the importance of Basic Conflict Management Skills which are addressed and practiced                                                                                                                               -To practice self and stress management – as mastery of the situation becomes feasible and accessible and effects interaction results.

The aims of the programme are to enhance the ability to communicate with and handle difficult clients by: examining attitudes and reactions to difficult clients; developing strategies to deal with difficult clients; identifying and improving listening skills; developing basic conflict management skills; improving communication skills; developing an awareness of personal interactive styles; offering opportunities for the development of self-awareness and encouraging a relaxed atmosphere to ensure optimum learning.

What our clients say

  • “Useful and enriching learning, so helpful in my job”
  • “Impossible to ignore the lessons learnt, great balance between theory and practice”
  • “Thank you! Helped me to address and evaluate my shortcomings in such a constructive manner”
  • “The course highighted so many things that had been overlooked- amazing!”


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