Team Effectiveness

Traditional team building interventions are often fun but do not translate into actual behavioural change in the workplace.  Our Team effectiveness workshops allow participants to engage and get to understand their own and  each other’s communication and personality styles in a non-judgmental, safe and fun environment.  Facilitators offer participants alternative approaches to prevent and manage conflict and to ensure clearer communication and understanding between them.

  • The one day Team Effectiveness Intervention offers participants the opportunity to develop greater self awareness and empathy for colleagues within their own and other teams and teaches Conflict management strategies.
  • The two day Team Effectiveness Intervention builds on the above and offers participants an opportunity to work together on simulated challenges within the training to ensure application of new interpersonal skills and also offers input on Enneagram personality styles to enable managers and colleagues to better understand each other’s strengths.

What participants say

  • “I took so much from the course that I can benefit from both team and myself”
  • “Enhanced trust and communication with the team”
  • “The most beneficial learning in the clarification of roles and expectations within the team”
  • “I loved all the exercises we did, it gave me the courage to come out of my comfort zone”
  • “I have gained alot. I have learned that sometimes I do not really have to comment on everything. Learned techniques to resolve conflict, My communication and listening have improved”






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