HIV and AIDS Awareness Presentations and Peer Supporter Training


There has been so much focus over the years regarding the prevention of HIV and AIDS. Although recent years have seen great movements in the realm of HIV and AIDS where living with AIDS is far more manageable and campaigns to stop infection can be seen throughout the media, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding this disease. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is invading all areas of SA society and its effects are wide reaching. In order to contain this virus and offer support to those affected, education, information and discussion as well as counselling services, health care and home care are necessary.

LifeLine Johannesburg offers a range of HIV related programmes ranging from 1 hour talks to more in depth one day  HIV/AIDS awareness training programmes to ensure that all participants are equipped with a minimum level of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and skills to make informed decisions regarding their own sexual behaviour.

LifeLine Johannesburg has a wealth of knowledge and experience that not only provides a good sound based theory of information to participants on this topic but also provides excellent practical exercises which are experiential and insightful to participants in order to learn more about HIV/AIDS. In addition, the programme equips HIV positive participants with the knowledge and skills to live productive lives.

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  • To offer up to date and appropriate HIV/AIDS information and awareness
  • To enhance understanding of the epidemic
  • To provide information that helps address myths and misconceptions in the workplace
  • To clarify understanding of prevalence studies and VCT
  • To assist participants with their case studies and provide an introduction to support and containing skills
  • To empower participants with the knowledge and skills to manage the epidemic in their organisation
  • To provide a forum for questions, discussion and further referrals
  • To address HIV in the workplace concerns
  • To keep abreast of HIV treatment protocols240_f_89810477_1jqolzyey9inallrhwu8crwi8eiys2zk


–      Awareness Training presentations
–      Peer Educator and Supporter Training
–      Debriefing


  • To offer HIV and AIDS interventions whenever required
  • Awareness and Education Sessions
  • Peer Counsellor / Educator Training
  • Debriefing of Peer Counsellors
  • Pre / Post Test Counselling Training
  • What is HIV/AIDS
  • Greater understanding of HIV Transmission and Prevention
  • More knowledgeable on STIs and Treatment to understand the course of HIV Diseases
  • The impact of HIV on vulnerable groups and the communities
  • The societal and workplace rights of people who are infected by HIV and AIDS



  • Have a working knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS issues
  • Be educated in HIV and AIDS facts: history, statistics, definitions, testing, treatment, stages and symptoms, STI infections, high risk and safer sexual behaviours, correct  condom use, transmission and healthy lifestyle
  • Acquire an understanding of the legal implications of HIV/AIDS
  • Be well informed as to making wise lifestyle choices
  • Become aware of the implications of an infected and affected workforce
  • Develop educator and support skills (HIV and AIDS PEER EDUCATORS PROGRAMMES)

Contact LifeLine Corporate for a tailored proposal and quote that will suit your needs and budget towards meeting training needs for your staff! This Workshop can be held as a conference talk or tailored with experiential examples for those wanting a full brief knowledge on HIV.

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