Leadership Development

The training offered focuses on leadership and empowerment issues. It offers the participants the opportunity to explore their communication styles and skills, and offers techniques to cope more effectively with their tasks.
This training offers insight into what it means to be a team leader and find the balance between mentorship / coaching and discipline. It will look at an assertive communication style and develop conflict management skills. It develops awareness of personal interactive styles with a focus on basic listening and communication skills. The training will help develop greater self-awareness and enable transference of knowledge into the workplace. Through confidence building individuals will be able to develop connections in diverse relationships. The training aims at up-skilling participants and providing skills to transfer to any workplace and environment.

What our clients say

  • “I felt the exercises and discussions really helped me understand and to be a better leader”
  • “Everthing! I found tremendous value in all of it”
  • “I found the unspoken language and other people’s ¬†experiences create responses from people that I might not understand”
  • “All exercises really helped me with understanding other people’s views”
  • “I enjoyed the team building and listening exercises”


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