Personal Development Journey

This programme is aimed at developing key personnel within an organisation – that already in a leadership role or who are earmarked to be promoted to one.

The programme is offered to provide these participants with a solid foundation of EQ, personal awareness, interpersonal skills and resilience building so that they are able to move forward with confidence and continue to grow and lead in the organisation.


PLEASE NOTE: This course can be tailored and customized to suite your company culture and training needs

1. Pre-Training Questionnaire

Each participant will receive a pre-course questionnaire which they are required to fill out on their own personal  working habits. In addition, they will need to ask a manager and a colleague to rate them as well based on this questionnaire.

2. Introductory Module – half day
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Introductions and expectations
  • Teaching the Theoretical model for interpersonal skills
3. The  modules;  
  • PERSONAL AWARENESS AND EQ240_f_70968934_6bahson8pljmyon0b5inma60h2hjazqw
4. Wrap-up Session (approximately a month after Day 4)
  •  Check in
  •  Consolidation and revision
  •  Opening of feedback comments, discussion
  • Interpersonal feedback
  • Forward commitment240_f_67042461_igv5n2lpnpf7hlbk4h9bfmj7koac7dxg


  • It is recommended that each delegate that attends training should receive 2x mentoring sessions with one of the LifeLine trainers,
  • Mentoring takes place AFTER the wrap-up session
  • Mentoring is an hour long
  • The objective of mentoring is to concretise the learnings from the training and enhance skills learnt in order to create behavior change in the delegate
  • Mentoring sessions are set up between the facilitator and the delegate at times that are mutually suitable at your offices or LifeLine Norwood centre if preferred.240_f_65774279_f3ytu6getu4usebte9xqpgqodkfhiain


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