Resilience Training

Resilience Training has become a buzz word in business over the last several years and an ‘umbrella’ term for an individual’s ability to bounce back from traumatic life events and succeed despite career instability. In the ever changing world of work, and in times of recession and unavoidable retrenchments, employees need resilience to cope and make proactive plans with regards to their careers. Employers are also faced with demotivated and disengaged employees (survivors of retrenchment) and need to empower these employees so that they can take the organisation forward.

Resilience training, therefore involves the development of personal awareness, honing of internal strengths and an understanding and acceptance of the constancy of change. It is by nature proactive and optimistic containing a belief in personal potential.

Outcomes of our 1 day Resilience building programme:
-To enhance the ability of employees to build resilience in terms of traumatic life events and career instability                                                                                                                    -To build confidence and effective working and interpersonal skills                                                                                                                                                                                       -To teach effective stress management and self awareness models                                                                                                                                                                                     -To move employees from “victim” mind set to a place of “owning” their futures




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