Resilience Training

Resilience Training has become a buzz word in business over the last several years and an ‘umbrella’ term for an individual’s ability to bounce back from traumatic life events and succeed despite career instability.

Resilience training, therefore involves the development of personal awareness, honing of internal strengths and an understanding of the constancy of change. It is by nature proactive, optimistic containing a belief in personal potential.
This training will focus on enhancing the ability of individuals to build resilience in terms of traumatic life events and career instability. To build confidence and effective working and interpersonal skills.

What our clients say

  • “I took so much from the course that I can benefit from both team and myself”
  • “Enhanced trust and communication with the team”
  • “The most beneficial learning in the clarification of roles and expectations within the team”
  • “I loved all the exercises we did, it gave me the courage to come out of my comfort zone”
  • “I have gained alot. I have learned that sometimes I do not really have to comment on everything. Learned techniques to resolve conflict, My communication and listening have improved”


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