Stress and Time Management

240_F_86360334_5amwyAA4vUIvOpU0KGEVlU4GXnDpEtN9Individuals are often faced with great pressure, and stress levels may become extremely high. The lack of effective management of this stress may lead to the undermining of health, coping mechanisms and efficiency, both personally and professionally. The training offered examines present stresses, develops coping mechanisms, teaches relaxation and offers opportunities for debriefing and support. Something that often compounds stress is the misuse and mismanagement of time. Therefore with the combination of stress management tools and time management individuals will be better equipped with handling day to day stressors and become more effective workers. Core values influence our attitude to and management of time. Roadblocks to effective time management as well as personal styles will be focused upon. Participants will gain awareness into levels of their own stress, learn distressing techniques and learn techniques to manage stress more effectively. The training will address lifestyle factors and give tangible techniques to be transferred into everyday life to deal with issues of stress and time management.

What our clients say

  • “It provided me with a new perspective on stress and how to cope with it”
  • “It was really valuable and worthwhile bringing my staff on this course”
  • “What a relief to have these tools to cope with stress”
  • “The course was so relevant and every persons needs were addressed”
  • “Necessary, enlightening and motivating! The whole workshop was much needed, well prepared and presented”
  • “It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and to deal with things that I would normally push aside. I am learning to be more open and trying to implement the skills”


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