Work readiness programme for graduates and school leavers

Organisations offering learnerships to school leavers or hiring graduates find that they have bright and enthusiastic young employees / interns who lack a basic understanding of workplace norms, etiquette and understanding of professional behaviour expected of them. In addition some of these employees have knowledge of their area of study but frequently they lack a basic understanding of economics, interpersonal skills and don’t know how to make the most of the opportunity given to them at the start of their careers.

Induction programmes have to be expanded to include some training in the above areas to empower these interns/young employees with some basic work/life skills to enable them to succeed.

LifeLine Johannesburg offers a tailored range of training days to empower these participants – which include:

  • Basics of economic literacy and understanding of stakeholders in a corporate environment (e.g. shareholders, clients, regulators, media etc.)
  • Organisational structures and reporting lines
  • Professionalism 101: Understanding of interpersonal skills, e-mail and telephone etiquette expected in the workplace
  • Personal appearance and professional dressing in a corporate environment (on a budget)
  • Introduction to managing an email box – including the basics of Microsoft outlook.
  •  Goal setting, stress management and resilience building for successful careers
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