Do your clients phone in with shocking stories? A hijacking, an armed robbery or a horrific motor vehicle accident? Are your call centre agents upset by what they hear?

This might be the case if you are operating an emergency services, insurance or medical aid call centre. Are your workers equipped to deal with such calls?

One way a person might deal with unpleasant information is to try and cut a call short. But imagine if you are the client. You will find the agent’s response to be cold or heartless. Your impression of the company will be negative.

It is not the call centre agent’s fault. He or she has not received the appropriate training in dealing with traumatic calls. Listening to someone’s pain is a skill. The agent needs to be able to empathise with the caller. The agent needs to listen to what the caller says, and reflect the caller’s communication back in a caring way. The agent needs to intuit what the caller needs, both in terms of emotional and practical support. That is where LifeLine Corporate training comes in.

LifeLine Corporate teaches empathic listening and response.

Effective communication is achieved when we communicate openly and unambiguously, accept and support each other and can manage conflicts and relationship problems constructively. Effective communication leads to positive results whereas ineffective communication leads to conflict, breakdowns, and negative feelings and can be destructive.

This training will focus on your own style of communication. It will build effective listening and response and build skills to see the ‘big picture’ in communication.

What our clients say
“The skills are so practical that I know that my listening skills have vastly improved”
“I have never enjoyed a course so much! I enjoyed the practical exercises so much because I could apply theory, and not only learn it. I have no excuse, I have all the skills provided to me”
“I learnt to listen and be patient with people and that I should stop being judgmental and I should respect the person who is in the space as well as trust the person in order to get helped or listened to”
“Now that I am able to listen to people without judging them, I am able to listen carefully”

To organise tailored training for a minimum of six delegates on effective listening and communication, as well as professional telephone etiquette, please call:
011 728 1331

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