Did you know, one of the biggest reasons for poor productivity in your business is directly related to a lack of effective interpersonal communication between your staff members?

You realise that a solution is needed to dramatically improve the communication skills amongst your staff in order to increase current productivity and provide a pleasant work environment


LifeLine Johannesburg provides effective corporate soft skills training specifically designed to improve your staff’s interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence, ensuring higher levels of productivity, improved telephone skills when speaking to clients and a positive working environment.

Some of our clients

“I learn’t so much about myself and others. Have a different and more positive outlook on life. I now leave the course knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity” Investec

“The most valuable skill I gained was learning to listen before speaking, empathizing and paraphrasing as well as learning to think before always giving advice” Deloitte

“I found the exercises to be extremely relevant to my personal and work life, it assisted me in stepping into leadership and will assist with my transition”

“A valuable skill was the tool I learnt to explain how you feel with assertiveness, awareness of own default conflict patterns and to hear or get to learn that everyone is going through similar fears- you are not alone”

“Both Facilitators engaged with each of us and allowed us to build trusting relationships and open up in the training to really get the full benefit”

“Great Facilitators who showed care in each person’s growth”

Why are soft skills so important for your business?

There is a whole range of important soft skills which are vitally important when working with customers, clients and colleagues. However, Effective Interpersonal communication is recognized as the essential component in creating an atmosphere conducive to increased and efficient workplace performance. Poor telephone skills, although frighteningly common, are just one of the areas in which verbal communication in the workplace falls horribly short. Whether you’re speaking to a client or a customer, a subordinate a colleague or a supervisor, you need to know what to say and how to say it to get a desired response. When two colleagues are unable to respond to each other appropriately over challenging work circumstances, and when they lack self-awareness, it may lead to conflict and aggression in the workplace.

Your employees want to work for an emotionally intelligent manager and are more likely to stay with them during challenging and uncertain times. Employees who are emotionally intelligent are able to manage their stress, communicate and receive feedback in a positive way. These attributes contribute to a more productive employees and the overall working environment.

Training that will increase your staff’s knowledge and change their behaviour.

At LifeLine Johannesburg, Our approach is based on sound adult education principles, which focus on the inherent strengths and competencies of the individual. All training exercises while supported by theory, are highly experiential thus creating behavioural change in the employee.

Why LifeLine Coaching and Mentoring is so important

Participant feedback from previous corporate trainings have indicated while it is an excellent course for behavioural change, it is often pressurised as there is a lot to incorporate within a limited time space (Companies cannot take employees away from their workforce too long), therefore there is too short a time frame to allow for behavioural changes required and the assimilation of skills into their new style of engagement with others.  Time is also required to evaluate the programme and assess their progress towards meeting their goals. Thus a “check-in” with the participants is highly recommended as a way forward as well as to also see what’s working, what they can improve on and what challenges they have faced.

LifeLine Corporate has had many years of training experience and we have noted that where we have had the opportunity to conduct these post training interventions, participants have demonstrated greater success in skills adoption/behavioural change. I.e. where there is additional support and monitoring of progress towards these goals in coaching as well as the reinforcement and opportunity to revise programme learnings after a period of time has lapsed post training, there is better long term assimilation of skills.

Premium corporate soft skills training at an affordable price

Training which involves behavioural change is not something that can be gleaned from reading a text book or an e-learning programme. It requires experiential learning exercises and the opportunity to practice and this takes time, so it is the length of the training rather than the per day cost that decision makers might struggle to approve. Over the years, it’s been noted that there is an underlying need and urgency for soft skills training, however not many companies seem to utilise and invest in these training options for the staff members upon employment or at a stage where training is urgently needed due to company budget difficulties not being implemented in the beginning of financial planning. Picture this; A graduate straight out of University who has just completed their studies and internship has landed a big opportunity at a corporate enterprise with over 400 employees. The employee then feels intimidated not only by the way other staff members conduct themselves, this includes dress code, communication with others and confrontation styles. In other words, whilst Hard core technical skills were grained in at University there was a lack of soft skills training to address the employees EQ level. In addition Millennials might be good at digital communication but often struggle with the face to face interpersonal communication skills that the workplace requires.

Likewise newly appointed managers are expected to act and behave differently overnight, by nature of their promotion. Some are provided with basic management skills training but few are given the vital soft skills training they require to learn how to set appropriate boundaries with their staff while maintaining an approachable managerial style.

The structure of training at LifeLine Corporate tends to focus on behavioural learning techniques. This form of training is conducted with smaller groups, allowing for greater discussion and evaluation of models to embed real understanding as opposed to classroom rigid based learning. As our society becomes ever more interconnected, successful companies will be those who understand how to leverage and understand cultural differences instead of seeing them as obstacles. The need for skills such as Communication, Teamwork and Listening is not going anywhere in the near future. And in fact is more in demand.

Our training is competitively priced and depending on the size of the group and the length of training, our training rate averages, R1250 per participant per day.

With a minimum of 6 participants, we are able to provide training at your venue, as onsite training eliminates staff travel costs. LifeLine also has an excellent training venue that can be hired out should you require a venue. All trainings are carefully tailored and flexible to match YOUR Company’s needs, therefore all trainings quotes are matched to your requirements.  Contact LifeLine Corporate by email info@lifelinecorporatetraining.co.za for a detailed proposal of pricing or call (011) 728-1331

Customised training solutions tailored to your requirements and budget

At LifeLine, we are very open to hearing your needs and what limitations and restrictions you may have in terms of days away from the floor as well as budget allocations. Therefore the training can be tailored to match your budget requirements. Depending on what your need is, we are able to provide a wellness talk at a topic of your choice to a large group of employees at once or we can split the participants into smaller groups with training split over half days, allowing for more involved participation and better experiential learning and accommodating work schedules, and shift rosters.  We also provide individual coaching when group work is not possible.

Why you should choose LifeLine to train your employees

LifeLine Johannesburg is affiliated with Lifeline Southern Africa and LifeLine International. What initially started as a counselling service over 50 years ago expanded to community work in many areas and one of our sustainability arms was our Corporate Division which actually created out of the demand from people who had attended our community training to share these vital skills in the workplace. Our approach to training in Corporates had to adapt to being slicker and to train the essential EQ topics using workplace rather than personal scenarios.  Repeat business over 10 years with our Blue Chip clients, is testimony to how effective and valued our training is.

In addition – our mission is to provide available, accessible and confidential employee wellness counselling Services to small and medium enterprises holdings. To promote emotional well-being through the development of personal awareness and interpersonal skills through soft skills training and to offer effective and professional training courses and support services for improved work performance and retention of staff. To identify and meet the above needs of the corporate sector by networking with other companies and stakeholders

Upskill your staff while contributing to a great cause

In line with LifeLine’s overall goal to facilitate strengthening of emotional wellness of individuals and communities and in working towards efficient sustainability, LifeLine Johannesburg created an opportunity for income generating activities through LifeLine Corporate which was established in 1992. LifeLine Corporate’s vision is to provide professional training, consultancy services as well as specialized counselling services to the Corporate Sector, government, NGOs and schools, creating a profitable business unit.

The business unit then contributes to funding counselling services and community based projects in the greater Johannesburg, Soweto and Alexandra areas which are offered free to the community.

Whilst no provider can guarantee that there will be an increased work performance from employees, we ensure we do our utmost towards ensuring take-home value of our training, through the practicing of skills and participative feedback process ensuring the learning has relevance and significance. Self-awareness and personal growth exercises and input are carefully tailored to match the specific needs of those participating. Participants who have attended our training usually leave feeling refreshed, with a new perspective not only in terms of their career and work but they gain insight into their whole life and a better understanding as to who there are as well as their own default reactive styles of communication.  We also conduct pre and post course evaluations of participants, where peers, managers, and the participant evaluate their performance and behaviours pre and post our training interventions.

Free Demonstration

We are so confident that our training will be of great benefit to your business so we are offering you a free 60 minute practical demonstration on what LifeLine training REALLY entails and how it can dramatically increase productivity and improve your company’s overall working environment for all your staff.

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