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LifeLine Corporate Division

In line with LifeLine Johannesburg’s overall goal to facilitate strengthening of emotional wellness of individuals and communities and in working towards efficient sustainability, LifeLine Johannesburg created an opportunity for income generating activities when it launched its Social Enterprise Initiative – The Corporate Training Division  in 1992.  This division grew out of the popularity of our Growth and Counselling skills programmes, and the subsequent demand it created to bring these skills into workplaces.

LifeLine Corporate has a core competence in developing highly effective individuals with insightful communication and interpersonal skills; both in the private and public sectors.  Our training team customizes the interpersonal skills programmes to meet the individual demands of your organisation’s requirements.

LifeLine Johannesburg is a Level 1 B-BBEE Qualifying Small Enterprise. We are a NOT FOR PROFIT Organisation. Registration No. 001-207 NPO.  LifeLine Johannesburg was founded in 1969.

LifeLine Corporate’s Vision:

  •  To partner with our Corporate Clients to provide professional training and consultancy services as well as specialised Employee Well-being services – EWS
  •  To empower our participants with self insight, enhanced interpersonal skills and personal accountability through our expertly facilitated experiential training interventions
  • To contribute to funding the free counselling and community based projects LifeLine runs in Johannesburg, Alexandra and Soweto
  • To champion the importance and benefits of EQ and empathy in the workplace

What we do:

LifeLine Corporate offers training, consulting, coaching and well-being services that allows organisations, teams as well as individuals to enhance their performance through greater self awareness, and interpersonal skills development that empowers the individual to take full responsibility for his/her behaviour and actions.

Our training and coaching interventions boost individual competence and morale and encourages loyalty and engagement. Employees express significant gratitude for the eye – opening experiences they have with our facilitators.

Our people:

LifeLine Corporate facilitators and coaches are all experienced professionals, who have been LifeLine trained counsellors and facilitators to ensure our unique brand of facilitation and person centered coaching is consistent across interventions. Our facilitators are all based in Johannesburg but travel to other regions to conduct training for our clients’ other branches. The facilitators are matched to specific client training programmes on the basis of their experience / area of expertise

Who do we work with?:  

Our services are offered in the Public and Private sectors, as well as to NGO’s and other community based organisations.  Most of our interventions are delivered to specific target groups and teams within organisations, however public courses are also run on popular topics.

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